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A Team Dedicated
Your Brand's

What could you achieve

with a team of professionals working towards your branding goals? We think, a lot.

You may have a dedicated marketing team for your business, but to evolve your personal brand, you need a team dedicated to evolving your vision.

While no two clients or brand strategies are ever the same, these are the areas you can count on us to address:


  • Naming protocols of people, products, ideas

  • Vision, mission, values development

  • Brand architecture and communication flow

  • Brand strategy and media outreach plan

  • Brand positioning and audience communication pillars

  • Customer experience strategy

  • Culture change within existing businesses

  • Voice of the brand


  • Personal vs. corporate identity

  • The face of the brand in visual expression

  • Internal and external brand elements

  • Social, digital, and website development

  • Sales tools and training materials

  • Marketing collateral, campaigns, and extended pieces

  • Imagery and photography



  • Brand tracking and measurement

  • Brand filter development

  • Brand standards and guidelines

  • Brand champion networks

  • Infusing the brand into hiring and training

  • Introducing the brand into performance and compensation

  • Media coaching

  • Content creation

  • Social Media expansion

  • Brand Authority pieces

  • Public relations management

  • Strategic business relationships

  • Awards and third party authority recognition

Brand Strategy
Brand Creative and Design
Brand Management

Our team becomes an extension of your team for a quality and speed of execution that is unmatched.

As Chief Branding Strategist, Charlie serves as your Personal Brand Director, providing high-level strategy, business negotiations, liaisons, and execution. Her specific areas of focus are to create strategic alignment between:


All messaging platforms (books, websites, PR, promotions, social commentary, etc)

• Brand products like digital products, events, media placements, sampling, and exposure

• The right social media presence and helping to expand following and engagement

• Key, strategic introductions to other influencers, businesses, celebrities, media people, unique opportunities to develop new business opportunities as well as add brand value


You have reasonable access to Charlie directly throughout the campaign. She ensures that all key members of your team have direct access to her via text messaging, phone, or video chat as needed to take advantage of brand opportunities and to resolve any critical issues quickly. Charlie is also committed to being available to brainstorm as creative ideas begin to form to bring the vision forward. 


You will be assigned a TGC Team from the beginning. This team is your advocate in all transactions and projects. Their primary focus is to execute the strategic vision of the campaign in a fun, fulfilled, and financially fruitful manner. The team consists minimally of:

  • Account Manager

  • Digital Marketing Manager 

  • Content Writer 

  • Content Editor

  • Graphic Designer

  • Web Developer

  • Video Editor

  • PR Coordinator

  • Media Coordinator

  • Technical Coordinator

  • Podcast Booker

  • Awards Curator

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